Why Escape Rooms

Entering an Escape Room is a unique activity to spend valuable time with your friends and team. But what is an Escape Room? It is a physical adventure theme game, in which players are locked in a room and they have to solve a series of puzzles in order to Escape in a limited time. 

Through our Escape Rooms you will have the opportunity to travel into new, unique places that will cast your mind. Enter Valak and find yourself into a different kind of forest, a sorceress one, where everything is possible.

If you dare, go into Paranormal and travel to another time and place. An old, classy house from the 1960's is haunted and it is up to you to free the dark spirits and Escape in time. Can you really do it?

Are you strong and brave anough? Then visit the Paranormal Escape Room for the ultimate  live escape room in Rhodes experience. An escape game full of mystery, adrenaline and a lot of run..

The only requirement is be positive and just have fun. Feel the experience and soon you will become addicted to Escape Rooms. If you have never tried before, just give it a try.

If there is something you did not like, just tell us and will do our best to give you the ultimate experience. If you loved it, tell it your friends.

In case you want to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.