Escape Rooms: Is it for me?

Escape Rooms Need Cooperation

A lot of people, usually the older ones might be wondering whether going into an Escape Room, is an activity that fits their needs. Well, the answer is YES IT IS.

Escape rooms are for everyone who wants to try a different kind of activity. It does not matter if you are 14 or 77, as long as you are an active person, who is attracted by new challenges. I have personally played more than 80 escape rooms, the majority of which in Athens Greece and I have watched people from every age going into an escape room.

Escape Rooms is not a solo activity, but rather a collective one. You want to enjoy yourself with your friends or family? Then it is the right place for you. Are you a caring parent who wants to bond with his/her family? Then escape rooms is the right place for you, as well. Do you belong in an organization and you feel that a little more bonding would boost the team’s performance? You should enter an Escape Room immediately.

Essentially, Escape Rooms is all about teamwork and team bonding. It can be cheerful or even stressful, but in the end it is all about experience and collective mindset. The team has to escape -not just a person- and the best escape teams are the ones that cooperate effectively as a group. You do not have to be the smartest person, but you need to be a strong group, that adjusts perfectly to a different kind of environment. You should not try to outplay your team players in order to take the credits, but you should all combine your personal strengths. Someone might be a good observer, another one might be a good riddle solver, while others might be great at searching. You know what each team needs? A person that efficiently combines each other’s strengths. This person is vital for every team to escape.

Take your friends or colleagues and enter our Conjuring. You will feel scared, but the only way to escape is through cooperation. Never try to outsmart your team mates. This will hurt the team or worse the team will ban you. Do not forget why you came in the first place. To escape as a team and this must be your goal.

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