What is My Escape Rhodes?

My Escape Rhodes is a live escape game situated in Rhodes, Greece. The creators of MyEscape are two people passionate with Escape Rooms, who have played more than 80 rooms. The  experience obtained and our passion are key elements regarding the creation of My Escape. We truly hope you are going to enjoy our Escape Rooms.


What are Escape Rooms?

Escape Rooms are thematic rooms, in which players get locked in and have a limited time in order to escape. Each room has different theme and atmosphere in order to satisfy each person's wants and needs.



Do i need to have specific knowledge in order to participate?

There is no specific knowledge needed in order to participate in an Escape Room. All you need is positivity and  free mindset. Cooperation between the team is essentail & crucial in order to Escape in time.


Are Escape Rooms only for kids?

Escape Rooms are for people of every age. You just have to be positive and into new challenges. To be honest the majority of people who love Escape Rooms are older than you would guess.


Do you Offer Performance Included?

Well, we would prefer not to answer this question, so that surprise would not be eliminated.


Do i have to make a reservation?

Reservations are needed in order to participate. But if you are lucky enough and come by and a room is available then you are free to join. For availability & bookings click  here.


What happens if my team is more than 6 People?

Our rooms are specifically designed for teams up to 6 people for safety reasons and for enjoying the whole escape experience better.


How long does an Escape Room last?

All rooms - Paranormal, Hostel Recaptured, Zombie & Valak- last 75 minutes.


Do all  Escape Rooms rooms cost the same?

Yes, all rooms are of the same cost.


Is it allowed to have phones inside the room?

It is not allowed to have phones inside our rooms, because that would ruin the experience. Entering an Escape Room is like going into another dimension. Reality, your friends, family or your girlfriend/boyfriend can wait for a while.