Lesson 1 from Escape Rooms

Συνεργασία σε Δωμάτια Απόδρασης

The moment you enter a thematic Escape Room, it feels like you enter a new world. It is a unique experience to have with your friends, colleagues and famly. It surely is an interesting way to spend time your team.

But is it just this, an alternative way of entertainmnet? Someone might be wondering..why do not just go for a coffee break, since it will be cheaper, than go trap ourselves in a room?

Would you like to find out why i would totally recommend you to enter an Escape Game, rather than go for a coffee for one more time? For three specific reasons.

Originally, because you have already had a lot of coffee breaks with your friends, so you could safely take a break. Secondly, because drinking coffee and spending chilling time your friends is even more interesting after an Escape Room experience. I am sure that you are going to have a lot to talk about.. Third and more crucial.You will never get to know your friends at times when everything is cool as a cucumber. We will always show our true selves during hard times. At times, when stress is present and logical mindset and rationality are absent.. These are the times that will show you who your friends are and more importantly you will get to show others who you truly are. Now this is something that Escape Rooms can holistically offer you.

Let us assume for a moment that you enter the world of Conjuring. There will be times that lights will turn off and strange noises will be heard. Demons might be around you. What are going to do at times like this? Do you shove your mates to the demons or you lead the way and defend the team ? These are the times that our true self comes into play and the quality of our relationship is determined. Would you like some more valuable information? If a team member behaves selfishly and self-centered during an escape game, then odds are that same behavior will occur in real context.

Furthermore, you should also contemplate. What is more meaningful? To solve a really difficult riddle on your own or escape altogether in time? The main objective should always be the second one. No matter how proud we might feel when solving a difficult riddle, in the end it has no effect if we fail to escape as a team. I firmly believe that your dopamine levels are high, because you achieved to solve the puzzle but if it took you 20 minutes to do it, while you could cooperate with the team and have it solved in 7 minutes, then obviously the team is not time efficient. Bear in mind that when people cooperate, the outcome follows this rule 1+1>2.

One of the key reasons that i am really into Escape Rames, is the fact that they provide you with the opportunity to observe yourself and your team mates. If we fail to cooperate during an Escape Room Experience, then chances are that we will also fail to do it in any other given context. Consequently, see it as a valuable chance to better understand yourself and your friends.

After the end of the game, go all together for a coffee or tea and brainstorm about what went right and what went wrong. Ask for a positive feedback. I am firmly sure that each member experienced and preceived the whole experience in a different way. Everyone will have a different perception and sometimes we will all end up blaming others for not being skillful enough, forgetting that in the end we all just failed to escape as a team.

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